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Our nanoprobes are characterized by:

  • Great chemical stability (resistant to aldehyde fixatives)
  • Very slow metabolization (several weeks in vitro and in vivo)
  • No or weakly (at labeling concentration) cytotoxic
  • Ease of use

More specifically for our luminescent probes:

  • No photobleaching nor photoblinking
  • For most of them a large Stokes shift (difference between excitation and emission wavelengths) allowing an easy detection
  • For some of them (those containing lanthanide as emitting element), a long luminescent lifetime, allowing time-gated detection for total removal of biological autofluorescence

Our nanoprobes are suitable for:

Fluorescent cell tracking
Multimodal cell tracking
Lysosomal labeling
in vivo tumor tracking
Hepatique labeling & Angiography

Stable labeling for several weeks will lead to less animal sacrifices and reagent saving.

All products are sold as dry powders. Several surface functionalisation are currently available. Others could be realized on demand.

You can download the Applications catalog